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(OOC: I don't think they're in a room per se, just some rubble that's barely intact enough to give them some degree of privacy.)

Doomshot sighed. "Why would I kill you, Astrotrain? What interest would that serve? No one is actually loyal to you, or to the rest of your High Command. When Megatron faltered, you lot had the chance to show your worth. You failed, and in doing so you ceded your authority to whoever decides to step up and take it. Do not act as if you personally are giving me anything. Especially when your 'gift' is something I neither desired nor pursued. I am a proud Decepticon, yes, and I would die for our cause. That does not mean I wished to rule it. No."

As Sixshot arrived, he told the sixchanger, "Thank you for your help. The DJD medics repaired the physical damage, but Megatron was suffering some serious memory faults because of the ion damage. Necro will need to perform some mnemosurgical maintenance before he will be able to function, yes."

Doomshot gave the deviant Titan Master a sideways glance. "Remember what we discussed. Load the relevant memories into his primary buffers so that they will be accessible as soon as I connect. Do not attempt to alter any of his memories in the process. Our Titan Master rapport means that we will know instantly if you do, and I will be neither able to stop Megatron from killing you nor particularly inclined to try."

Necro sighed. "Please, dispense with the tiresome threats. For Maximo's sake, it's like this has become a part of daily life as a Decepticon. It's like no one respects anyone else enough to think they'll do their job without the threat of death hanging over their heads. Some people, I swear..."

With that said, the all-purple Titan Master shuffled over towards where Sixshot had laid Megatron down, cracking his knuckles as he got ready to work.

With that dealt with, Doomshot turned his attention back to Astrotrain.

"While Necro is definitely a madman, he raises a valid point. We Decepticons once cooperated because we had something, someone to believe in. We do not anymore. We are in no position to defeat the Autobots, internal conflicts or no. Had High Command identified and supported a proper successor once Megatron's madness was made evident, we would be unified behind Galvatron, or Deathsaurus, or Overlord, and we wouldn't be having this conversation. But you didn't, so here we are. And since Megatron is who we're stuck with, and I'm who he is stuck with, I don't appear to have much choice. I will do what I have to do in order to return our people to their past glory, yes..."

He turned his back on Astrotrain and headed towards Megatron's prone body, signalling that the conversation was at an end. For now, anyway. Nothing had been settled, but it had stopped short of an open declaration of war between Doomshot's followers and the Decepticon High Command...for now, anyway. Doomshot supposed that was something.

"I have no interest," told Astrotrain as he walked away, "in the allegiance of a self-serving bureaucrat. If you truly want what's best for the Decepticon people, I suggest you find some other way to contribute to our cause. You can begin by loaning me your Titan Master partner. I have need of his medical talents."

Mindwipe sighed. "You know you cannot eat anyone vithout Megatron's permission, Fangry."

Once Brisko took over, the hypnotist asked Fangry's (much) better half, "I don't suppose there's a vay you could drop him on his head from a wery great height? It might make him more pleasant to spent time vith. Or kill him. Vhich vould also have the same effect."

He touched down next to where his partner was standing and said, "Worath, you and I must link minds. I have made a wery interesting discovery I vould like to share."

"I somehow doubt that your discovery is anything but metaphysical nonsense," Vorath responded. "But as it happens, I could use your analytical faculties to go over something that I discovered. Shall we?"

Mindwipe made a sour expression, but agreed. "Werry vell."

But as the bat transformed to robot mode and the Titan Master took his place as the combined form's head, both partners' skepticism of one another's findings melted away and their merged consciousness began to analyze Mindwipe's gestalt theories and Vorath's maps with equal vigour.

Enroute back to Ginrai

Furos climbed back into Hardhead's cockpit. As he dogged the hatch shut, Hardhead fired off a tow-line to assist Perceptor and Cerebros in moving the still-inactive Autobot leader's truck mode.

"Aye, sir," was all the duo said to Diac. Neither one of them was quite sanguine about Diac's forgiving attitude, though Furos at least recognized the necessity of it. But both of them were somewhat bothered by the words themselves, and how Daic said them. They sounded much less like the face-taking, conflict-hungry captain that they'd worked with so many times over the years than they did Optimus Prime himself.

Hopefully this is just Diac learning the value of compassion, Furos thought to himself, and not the beginnings of something more sinister. The last thing we need to worry about out here is another Titan Master having a Primus Apotheosis breakdown. Let alone finding a suitable replacement on short notice.
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