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Took a plunge on Sonic Mania for the Switch. Not bad for a $20 16-bit era-esque romp that I can play on the go. It's got a nice blend of older (though updated and expanded) zones like Green Hill and Chemical Plant, as well as multiple new ones that have the same vibe. Characters, themes, gimmicks, etc. from across Sonics 1-3, Knuckles, & CD make some appearances too. Forgot how tedious some levels and bosses can be though.

Also bought the Breath of the Wild Season Pass. At $20, that's not too shabby for what's included. Several new items and modes, not counting the stuff that's coming in the holiday season. Pretty good deal, overall.

On another note, it seems that the fervor for the SNES Classic is real. Keep seeing posts of people lining up for midnight releases, online selling out immediately, re-sellers charging double+ the MSRP, etc. I'm too old for that crap. Should I find one out in the wild on a random trip, I will be happy. Otherwise, I'm not in the mood to hunt relentlessly. Anyone around here got one or getting one?

Alternatively, I think I might get a Retron 5, as it accommodates cartridges from NES, SNES, Genesis, GB/GBC, and GBA. I have a majority of my old NES and SNES carts, and Genesis games are pretty dirt cheap at two retro stores within 5 minutes of my house. I also still have my old controllers - which the Retron has ports for - and it outputs in HDMI and saves games on the system. For a semi-comparable price (OK, it's nearly double but does more stuff) and ease of availability (on the shelf at the local shops, Walmart & Amazon have it online), I may just go that route instead and save myself all the hassle. Plus, there's something neat and nostalgic about plugging in a cart to play a game.

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