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Ended up keeping and opening the remainder of my Force Friday haul.

Rey is a beautiful figure, and definitely wins in the accessory department. She comes with her blaster that Han gave her, her lightsaber, and her staff. The sculpt is really well done with several different textures among her outfit, and while not a dead-ringer for Daisy Ridley, she still looks like Rey and all the paint apps are clean. She's definitely my favorite of the TLJ figures I picked up. That said, both Kylo and Luke are good too, with great sculpting and paint apps. Had to exchange my first Kylo though, as he had two right feet. And I wish Luke had come with his lightsaber. Who knows, maybe he doesn't use it in the next movie?

Opened Hera too, and like Rey, she's just fantastic. Great colors, paints, and sculpt. She comes with her tiny blaster - oddly it's her left hand that has the trigger finger, though she's right handed and has her holster on the right side. That's pretty odd in my book.

And last, but certainly not least, I added Sabine Wren to my Rebels crew via eBay. She never came to my area at retail, and wooo is she a fantastic figure. Everything said about Rey and Hera hold true here, and then some. Two blasters, her paint airbrush, and removable helmet. The paint apps on her armor are absolutely fantastic too, with small paint speckles/splatters everywhere. Well done, Hasbro, well done.

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