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Sadly, the other 'minibot' up there is Swerve, and while he's a great figure and the face is dead on for the comic look, he now looks a touch out of place with the TR aesthetic that's there.
I was playing with my CW and TR toys, and even between those lines, there's a clash of aesthetics. The CW toys look very chunky next to the TR stuff. And neither of these lines meshes that well with a lot of the previous Generations lines. One thing that I do like, is Hasbro getting over the 'no Voyager/ Leader class' in the Generations lines. I do like having guys like Skywarp look a decent size and not a piddly looking Deluxe.

TR Hot Rod w/ Firedrive
And because I haven't had enough Hot Rod this week, I picked up this guy. The alt-mode looks good (although could have used some silver paint on the wheels, as ever) and the robot mode is also pretty sharp. His arms do look kind of big, but they are in proportion, its just there's a lot of alty-mode bulk to these, so they look bigger than they are. He's a fun toy, and a good update, but still doesn't quite replace the Classics version for me (although he is the better toy overall). I do think it would have been nice if they'd have done Hot Rod up in that neon pink/red of early toy promos from the '80s and his animation model though. Looks better than the MP version though!
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