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Near Battle Station Ginrai

Diac looked up to where Ginrai, Nightbeat and the other Autobots that were stationed in their de facto base look up as Optimus Prime's vehicle mode rolled into view. Under his faceplate, he smiled at the splayed-open battlestation that Ginrai's trailer transformed into.

I really got to get me one of those. Diac thought to himself. Some of Optimus Prime's older bodies had them, of course, but not this one. They had to make room for the triple-changing technology to let Prime transform into an additional flight mode.

Considering how disastrous that went earlier in the day, Diac really wished they had the simpler solution of 'more guns' instead. Optimus Prime wouldn't have approved, though.

As they came to a halt near Ginrai's battlestation mode, Diac opened the door to Optimus Prime's cab section, hopped off and walked up towards Ginrai. "So... Nightbeat, wasn't it?" He called out to the Titan Master.

Meanwhile, in the background, Cerebros walked up to Optimus Prime's trailer section, opened an access panel and continued working.
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