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I'm watching it now. For a show set prior to TOS, it's running into the same problem Enterprise had: it's looking more like something modern than something set prior to The Cage. The uniforms follow the jumpsuit asthetic from Enterprise, the bridge of the Shenzhou(I think I'm spelling it right), looks like a slightly less busy version of the Kelvin minus the lensflares, the Klingons just look odd and sound less like what we're used to and more like actors struggling to speak Klingonese under heavy duty prosthetics, and they're using a lot of TNG sound effects. Starfleet's got a metric buttload of Miranda classish type frigates, nobody's talked to the Klingons for a hundred years...... and the CBS app just crashed. I've got a hunch.... Ah, there we go. Now I can see if they're going to do what I thought they were going to do. If they do, I'll be annoyed. Sadly not surprised, just annoyed. They did. And they wonder why I prefer TOS......

Don't get me wrong. It's a good show. It definately has TNG/DS9/VOY aesthetics running through it. Harry Mudd, of all people, will be showing up. But, correct me if I'm wrong, the Federation didn't go to war with the Klingon Empire until Errand of Mercy, when the Organians told both sides "I don't think so, children".

My only major complaint, although I'm going to have to watch Enterprise again to see if they made the same mistake is USING THE TOS ENTERPRISE ARROW FOR ALL OF STARFLEET!!!!!!! If you're setting a show in that time period, GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Yeah, it's a nitpicky thing. So I'm into episode 3 now, and we seem to be butting heads between a Star Trek tone and a BSG tone. Actually, I think the tone seems to be in Stargate: Universe. It's good, but don't go into it expecting regular Star Trek.

EDIT: Given all the shots of the Discovery they've shown, it looks a lot like the Dreadnaught from Into Darkness, at least around the saucer section.

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