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Decepticon Meeting

Doomshot would have explained to Astrotrain that it was possible for his suggested candidates to be taught and groomed for the role, or that any of them would have been an improvement over Megatron even in their current, somewhat raw state, but he knew that his words would have fallen on deaf ears. The larger Transformer, like too many of the old generation, was simply too set in his world view to truly see outside of it, even when he -- Doomshot believed -- actually did want to enact change for the better.

I don't often envy organics, he mused, but ah, to live in a society where the old inevitably fade away and allow the young to bring about change...

"Greetings, Darkmoon," he told the other Titan Master after he'd disconnected from Astrotrain's neck. "Don't worry about your larger counterpart's attitude. It is no reflection on you, but on the life he's led and the experiences that have shaped him. He cannot be anyone but who he is, no matter how...vexing it may be for the rest of us.

"As far as what I need you you might imagine, I issues, yes, when it comes to allowing one such as Necro to operate on my larger body. I would appreciate it if you would use your medical scanners to watch the operation and ensure that he doesn't...exceed his remit, yes."

Ignoring the glare that Necro shot him, Doomshot continued. "And afterwards, assuming that the DJD medic did in fact repair all of the internal damage before departing, all that remains is the exterior maintenance." He proffered a small datacard in Darkmoon's direction. "Some minor cosmetic alterations as well, to better fit in amongst the local ruins. I assume you brought your gear?"

Necro settled down on Megatron's chest, smiling slightly behind his faceplate as his needles found easy purchase on the neural patches built into Megatron's Titan Master port. Then he started to feel the physical sensations of the world fade slightly as his mind reached out and touched Megatron's memory core.

"Ah, ah," he muttered to himself as he explored for what Doomshot has requested (and took several detours for his own satisfaction. "Such pain! Such anger!"

Mindwipe looked over at Brisko. His mind was obviously still fixated on pondering both of his components' discoveries, but the nice thing about being paired with a Titan Master was that it made multitasking much easier.

"I could brainwash him for you, blah. Though I'm not sure I vant to touch his mind..."

He glanced over at Sixshot and said, "I, or at least Vorath, have dissected several Titan Masters. I can confirm that there is no gooey center, blah. Perhaps Fangry is thinking of those poor fools who replaced their heads with organic beings in the days before the Combiner Wars?"

Enroute back to Ginrai

Hardhead came to a stop with Cerebros's prompting and disconnected his tow cable. Then he parked with his cannon facing outwards and began scanning for threats.

Furos popped the cockpit open and hopped out, falling into step behind Diac as the other Autobot went over to gently interrogate Nightbeat.
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