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Decepticon Meeting

Darkmoon shrugged noncommittally at Doomshot's comments on Astrotrain. "Yeah, the dude's an old geezer. Could be worse, though. I could be bonded to Fangry."

Darkmoon glanced at Necro, and nodded, giving the offended-looking Decepticon a disarming smile. "If he tries anything funny, he'll know." Darkmoon tapped the sidearm attached to his waist. He quite disliked Necro. He quite disliked mnemosurgeons in general, more accurately, but Necro and his corpse fetish or whatever is a special brand of nasty. "Scanners are active."

Darkmoon took the datacard, read it and frowned a little. "Well, among my medical equipment that I stash inside Astrotrain, I do have cosmetic reformat chips, but you're... repainting Megatron? He doesn't quite strike me as the vain type."

Astrotrain kept Darkmoon on the edge of his vision. He didn't think Doomshot would be the type to execute Darkmoon, but his younger partner does sometimes overestimate his skills. Still, as Astrotrain noted in his conversation with Doomshot, if he wanted Astrotrain (and by extension Darkmoon) dead, it'd be way too easy.

Astrotrain mentally composed a message to the Decepticon High Command. They would be fooled, of course. Hopefully for at least a while, until Doomshot gets his hands on the contents of the dig site.

[Megatron's Titan Master Doomshot is compliant and willing to obey my suggestions. Mental health seems acceptable at the moment. Megatron is still under our thumb.]

It was the usual report that Astrotrain sent to his handlers. Everything is fine, no problem. Look the other way. Squabble among yourselves.

They'll be fooled, Astrotrain repeated to himself, before sending the message out to High Command. He felt a tinge of unease gripping his spark core. So he's picked a side, backed the one that doesn't have the Decepticon Cause's scariest killers on their side. Primus, if they sent Thunderwing and Overlord after him...

No, the die is cast. This was how Megatron started the revolution, in what probably is another life for the one-time revolutionary. But this time, they're going to do things right.

"Replaced their heads with... organic beings? How does that even work?" Sixshot looked slightly appalled. "I've had an organic pet. They don't come in shapes like... like this." Sixshot pointed a finger to his own face. "And they don't bend the way our joints do. They quite literally break permanently."

He paused, and then added. "What real advantage does bonding with a fragile chunk of organic goo even gives, anyway?"

Battle Station Ginrai

Diac nodded at Nightbeat. "Optimus is inactive for the time being, but he is in good hands." Diac glanced at Cerebros, who gave him a thumbs-up. A brief tingle in his mind told him that Cerebros was tinkering with the Titan/Titan-Master connections. "It'll be some time before he would be battle ready."

"Back in service again? So you were part of the military in the past, then?... of course. You acquited yourself quite well for someone who was newly bonded. To a complex Titan body, to boot." Diac nodded, then looked up at Ginrai. "How are you holding up, Ginrai?"
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