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So #18 & 19 arrived today! I've read the Windblade collection already and really enjoyed it! I sound like a broken record, but I'm really enjoying the stuff I haven't read before (which is an awful lot of IDWs stuff) and I can see why Terome was so enthusiastic about this in one of them there podcasts - it is a mature piece of writing in that its about everyone trying to work together. Its really interesting to see the Autobot / Decepticon war from the perspective of a former native. Rattrap and Scoop can still get f**Ked. I don't think I've been more annoyed with two portrayals of Transformers in my life. Rattrap is...I dunno. I don't get his association with Starscream and I do think a big problem I have with him is that I can't divorce him from his Beast Wars persona...and this isn't Beast Wars, but he's written like his Beast Wars version... I dunno. Animated did stuff like this better, throwing in characters in from other continuities. I just don't get why, a spy guy like Rattrap would shack up with someone like Starscream. And Scoop is just the worst. I enjoyed Galvatron deflating his beliefs with the reality of all this mystical prophecy guff he spouts in the 'Onyx' arc from Transformers - which was also pretty good. I don't know what's going on with Thundercracker and his dog, but that's kind of sweet.

Haven't read the other volume, but had a quick flick through it and liked seeing the B&W Marvel UK stuff coloured up
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