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Decepticon Meeting

Deathsaurus kept their distance and observed for just a moment. Doomshot had not contacted them upon regaining conciousness. Astrotrain had not come here with the rest of the crew at all. Circumstances were peculiar, not necessarily untoward, but peculiar to be sure.

Their comm buzzed:
"Ah, Misfire, yes. Thank you for the report. You and Nightlight may return to camp, and it's Provisional Commander technically, until Megatron wakes back up, but Captain or Sir will work fine as well. Good job, soldier."

Assuming they'd been overheard enough to be noticed, Deathsaurus stepped fully towards the group.

"Astrotrain, our friend, this is a pleasant surprise. What brings you to an active warzone?"

Calling Astrotrain 'friend' was overgenerous. Deathsaurus liked him well enough, but it would be difficult to truly call anyone in this current Decepticon government a friend. 'Briefly agreeable rival' was usually the best one could hope for. But still, a little cordiality never hurts, especially when one can rip the other robot in half if should come to that.

"Doomshot, we're pleased to see you've recovered. What is Lord Megatron's status? Will he be up and running soon? We've just learned that there are at least five more combiners heading this way, estimated ten minutes out."


Battle Station Ginrai

Sentinel's rest cycle was brief, but fitful. He honestly couldn't remember having a good night's recharge since the day he'd first bonded with the Matrix, but this time, having tasted battle, real battle, for the first time in millennia, and then being confronted with, and targeted by, that combiner? He felt more tired when he cycled back on then he had to begin with. Waking, he found himself burdened by an overwhelming sense of guit, but surely he didn't feel responsible for that.. thing. Not it's existence, and certainly not for its demise. No, he told himself, the only thing I have to feel guilty for is not ending this war before such monsters were created.

Sentinel Prime shifted back into robot form, with Infinitus falling dutifully into place; his body on Sentinel's shoulders, and his mind faded into Sentinel's subconcious.

The former Prime spotted a group of Autobots gathered near Ginrai and strode over.

"Hardhead, what's the mission status? Have they found what we were brought here for?"
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