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If they intro the characters every issue, I could see that being removed for the original trade as redundant.

Picked up a couple of issues of the new 2000AD partwork, and considering it's also Hachette it really is annoying how much better the covers are despite also (presumably?) being cheap stock images. Actually big eye catching cover art with a nice tasteful border round the side. Not the Frankenstein like grafting of a frequently tenuously connected stock image on top of a faded moment from the actual comic. Which surely must take more time, putting the two images in the template rather than just the one big one? They're putting that little bit more effort in on the Transformers book to make sure the front looks terrible.

Hell, I mean Halo Jones is even on the front of the Halo Jones book rather than Blurr (who of course is the star of the forthcoming Megatron Origin cover).

Really hits home how we're not getting the Hachette's A team on this. More their monkeys banging rocks team.
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