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Battle Station Ginrai

Diac nodded at Ginrai. He doesn't seem to be under duress (and why would he be?) and Nightbeat seemed like the honest sort. "Well suited, hmm?" Diac looked to Nightbeat, and gave him a shrug. "And you seem to not mind being Ginrai's partner either. This might be unconventional, but we are in an unconventional situation at this point. Nightbeat, how would you like to be Ginrai's partner indefinitely? The choice is, of course, entirely up to you. But the Autobot army could definitely use your services, and Ginrai would definitely be able to use a new partner."

Diac glanced up at Ginrai again. "You have my deepest sympathies for the loss of Pyro. He was a great soldier. I cannot imagine having to lose a Titan Master partner so abruptly, but it is my sincerest hope that you and Nightbeat will get along."

Diac glanced up as Sentinel Prime walked towards them. In another life, if he wasn't bonded to Optimus Prime, and if the older Autobot wasn't so tightly-strung, they probably would've been good friends.

"Sentinel Prime." Diac said, giving the other Prime a salute. Sentinel and Optimus don't get along too well, but there's no reason for him to disrespect him. Not much, anyway. "We have not located... the contents of the dig site. Although I do believe that it is high time that we tell our troops about just what it is we're after."

Decepticon Meeting

Astrotrain hated being stuck in his shuttle mode. That was one of the biggest drawbacks of the Titan-Master process... the indignities of being forced to interact to others while in vehicle mode.

"A pleasant surprise indeed, Deathsaurus. Forgive my current changeform, for my partner is currently aiding our great leader." Astrorain replied to the larger general. "I was here to help assess the troop deployment, but more importantly -- to make sure that the contents of this dig site ends in Decepticon hands."

Astrotrain liked Deathsaurus. He was honourable, and Astrotrain liked that in an ally. Despite all the backstabbing, cutthroat politics of the Decepticon high command, Astrotrain honestly wished that things were simpler and everyone genuinely wanted to help the Decepticon cause like he did.
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