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I was playing with my CW and TR toys, and even between those lines, there's a clash of aesthetics. The CW toys look very chunky next to the TR stuff. And neither of these lines meshes that well with a lot of the previous Generations lines. One thing that I do like, is Hasbro getting over the 'no Voyager/ Leader class' in the Generations lines. I do like having guys like Skywarp look a decent size and not a piddly looking Deluxe.
That's a fair observation. I get the level of chunkiness for CW, as the deluxes need to double as a semi-bulky limb, but I think the difference is far more jarring from T30 to TR. The aesthetics to me, are a little closer from CW to TR.

Leader class figures in the Generations line are definitely welcome. I agree it's nice to have a proper sized Megs, Starscream, etc. to go with the Deluxes that should be Deluxes.

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