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Battle Station Ginrai:

Nightbeat simply smiled. "I've never been bonded to a Titan before now, because of one thing: this." He tapped the side of his head. "My mind doesn't work the way yours does. My logic centers are wired up differently, and my neural nets don't meld well with an already established personality. The only way I'd get a partner is if they either copied my mind into a Titan body- at that point, why bother? It'd be really confusing for both of us - or basically put me with a blank slate. Besides, the Security Investigation Division(OOC: think of it as the Autobot version of NCIS)didn't really need me anymore, especially since I couldn't be teamed with anybody." He rapped his knuckles on Ginrai's console gently. "Thanks to Ginrai here, I can go back to what I used to do. I will gladly become his permanent partner."

Decepticon meeting:

Brisko nodded unhappily. "I know. But he doesn't care. He's safely ensconced inside of me. I'm the one who'd be covered in fuel."
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