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TR Blitzwing is just fantastic. I expected him to be alright from the pics (and I'd wanted to get Megatron, but never saw him), but didn't expect him to be this good.

I honestly can't believe he's even a part of the same line as...well, as every single one of the other triplechanging Voyagers. His robot mode is solid and powerful-looking, with good articulation and no hollowness to speak of. And most importantly, his silly head-tower things don't pop up on their own accord all the time like Broadside's and Optimus's do. His shoulders look like they should be fiddly and awkward, but they actually hold together really well.

His jet mode is almost as good as the robot, and though it has some under-wing kibble it's nothing like the nonsense that Prime had. Tank mode is a little wobblier, what with the clearly visible thrusters and wings, but it still gets the job done just fine.

The only real problem was the ****ing stickers, which generally just look cheap and awful. The Decepticon faction sticker was so off-centre that I've already peeled it off and replaced it. Oh, and I've tossed his sword in the spare parts bin and given him the one from the Thrilling 30 Blitzwing, since it's just a much better fit size-wise for a Voyager.

Overall, really, really pleasantly surprised by the guy. The time I bought a Generations Voyager that was actually good would have been...shit, probably Rhinox and Whirl. The CW assortment was pretty wobbly unless you just wanted them as torsos, and up until now the TR ones have mostly just inspired buyers' remorse unless I got them on sale. But Blitzwing? Blitzwing is actually good!

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That's a fair observation. I get the level of chunkiness for CW, as the deluxes need to double as a semi-bulky limb, but I think the difference is far more jarring from T30 to TR. The aesthetics to me, are a little closer from CW to TR.
Each subset of Generations toys definitely has its own look. Not so much that I think they look bad if you mix them, but definitely enough that you can tell what's what. TR is probably my favourite of the bunch, with its emphasis on simplicity and accurate designs, but I can see an argument for all of them (except for FoC, maybe).

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Leader class figures in the Generations line are definitely welcome. I agree it's nice to have a proper sized Megs, Starscream, etc. to go with the Deluxes that should be Deluxes.
The diversity in size classes is great! Don't forget the Legends and (in spite of the price) the Titan Masters either, because they're just as important when it comes to giving the line a sense of scale.

I mean, in a perfect world we'd also have Megas between Voyager and Deluxe and Ultras between Voyager and Leader to give us even more variety, but obviously that's not a reasonable demand. A mixed assortment of the best figures from Classics on up does give you a nice group shot with all sorts of different character sizes, though, and that's the next best thing.

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