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Decepticon Meeting

Darkmoon nodded as Necro finished whatever he was doing. Manipulating memories, or something, he didn’t particularly care – he did what he was asked to do, and that was monitor if Necro did anything other than making a particular memory piece more accessible to Megatron’s psyche. “He did what he was ordered to do.” Darkmoon told Doomshot. The Titan Master nodded. It was weird, actually enacting a plan to depose Megatron and put another Decepticon – as much as that Decepticon is still kinda-sorta Megatron himself – in his place. After the many arguments he had with Astrotrain in the past about putting them in charge, to make a power play themselves… ah, well. There’s still time. And besides, Doomshot was… nice, as much as a Decepticon tyrant can be.

“Highly visible. Gotcha.” Darkmoon guessed that Doomshot was lying. If Doomshot was worried about visibility, or about camouflage, he would tell Darkmoon to install stealth technology, or to paint him black, or make him invisible. This was… what did Astrotrain call it? A passive-aggressive power play? Best not to question these fellow when they’re doing this. “It’ll be quick, sure.” Darkmoon sauntered up to Astrotrain’s shuttle mode, and the hatch opened.

Thanks to subspace technology, the interior of Astrotrain’s shuttle mode was fairly larger than it would be if you see him from the outside. Once, when Astrotrain was still a Decepticon that fought on the front lines, the insides of Astrotrain’s shuttle mode would be filled with Decepticon troops. Now they contain a large amount of emergency resources that Darkmoon has co-opted into a medical bay.

Darkmoon walked in, and emerged with a large data-slug that was almost as big as Darkmoon himself. The small Titan Master made his way to Megatron’s body, and plugged the slug into an access port. The data-slug transformed slightly, revealing a small screen and keyboard, and Darkmoon inputted the appearance that Doomshot had requested of him.

“Courtesy of this particularly aesthetic-savvy tech genius. Needleface? Needlehead? Needle something, at any rate.” Darkmoon explained, as he clicked a button. The data slug seemed to fold upon itself, but in reality it is being absorbed through Megatron’s system, running through energon lines to reach every part of Megatron’s body, dissolving and transforming into nanites that would bleach the metal that comprised Megatron’s exterior body. “Allows you to quite literally transform the colour of your experience without the more traumatic, cumbersome stasis pods.”

Patches of colour – dark purples and blacks, with a tinge of blue – appeared on Megatron’s body, and they began to expand. Soon, in under a minute, Megatron’s entire form has been transformed in colour.

“An Autobot? Typical. They fight for the weaker races, and they pay them back with dishonour.” Sixshot sighed. “Disgusting creatures.”

Sixshot frowned as Mindwipe explained in detail as to how the organics were bonded to Transformers, and shuddered. “That sounds horrible. I would not think that the organics’ physiology would take the alteration well, considering what I’ve seen. They are so fragile.” He glanced at Brisko. “You should be thankful that those abominable half-organics do not make it into our war. Organic fluid stain particularly badly.”

Battle Station Ginrai

Diac, still waiting for Sentinel Prime’s answer – Sentinel was the Prime in the situation, what with Optimus still offline – and turned back to Nightbeat. “Furos speaks the truth – you are welcome to give it a thought, at least after the crisis here is resolved. But fate, at least, seems to have other plans for you.” He paused, and nodded as Nightbeat replied. “But if you are willing, and are making the choices of your own volition, then I would formally like to welcome you back into the Autobot army.”
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