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Decepticon Meeting

Deathsaurus nodded cordially at Astrotrain's apology. "Think nothing of it. It's the state of all of you vehicleformers these days. We're glad to have you here at any rate."

"May I take it you're as concerned with Megatron's health as I am?" they asked, without changing their tone, but darting their optics meaningfully between Doomshot and where Darkmoon was plugging the repaint device into Megatron.

Turning now to Doomshot, they replied, "That's good. I was worried he might be out of it for a long haul. He would not have pleased to have missed the mission, especially if we don't.. Excuse me a moment."

Their comm buzzed with Misfire's reply. "Very well. We'll see you at camp momentarily. Take a short break, and we'll let you know when you're needed."

'Totally game'? Full military protocol might be a bit ridiculous, but a little formality is hardly too much to ask. Still, the eagerness is to be commended at least.

"Sorry about that, Doomshot. The scouting patrol is headed back to camp now, by the way. We also have some news that we hope you'll enjoy; we took the liberty of hiring some emergency reinforcements before we deployed, in the case that things went, well, exactly how they went. They should be arriving in orbit at any moment."


Battle Station Ginrai

Sentinel Prime was taken aback by Diac's piping up from the battle station, although his faceplate hid all but turning his head and a brief brightening of his optics.

Oh. Optimus's head. That would explain the tone.

He gave a curt nod in response to the salute. "Very well, Diac. And apologies to you, Hardhead," he said, with a nod that was only slightly more friendly, "keeping everyone in the dark was never my idea, and I certainly was not aware that they had not even told you, commander."

Of course, Sentinel was hardly opposed to keeping secrets. Secrets had been his downfall, in fact. But keeping a mission a secret from the soldiers carrying it out? It made no sense. He honestly doubted that he'd been given the full story himself.

"Alright, Diac. You want to tell them? Tell them. You have my leave, if that's what you're waiting for."

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