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Decepticon Meeting

"Wonderful to hear that the scouts survived," Doomshot told Deathsaurus. "On this planet, you can't be too careful, no..."

He did frown slightly at word of reinforcements. They would be a useful bolster to the Decepticons' numbers, naturally, especially after the combiner had claimed so many lives and Starscream had, as usual, fled. But they would also be unknowns in a way that the crew they'd brought down with them were not. Their loyalties, in particular, would be hard to judge, and as with Astrotrain that would make them someone he needed to watch closely.

"And who, pray tell, can I expect to join us?" he asked, trying to keep his tone casual.

As he waited for the other high-ranking Decepticon to answer, he turned his attention back to his bigger counterpart and the work that was being done on him.

"Ah, good work Necro, yes..." Doomshot said after Darkmoon confirmed that the deviant had done what he was asked.

He'd never heard of the "Needle-something" mech that Darkmoon was referring to, but he watched and nodded with satisfaction as the new colours came to life on his Titan's body. They would, he knew, spread to his own frame as soon as he reconnected to the Decepticon leader's neck.

Yes, reconnect...

That was the rub, of course. As much as Doomshot postured, he really, really didn't look forward to doing that. Megatron's madness was trying at the best of times, but the Decepticon leader's rage would be veritably boiling once he realized what Doomshot had done, both to his body and his mind. And with good cause, for once.

But it was necessary. I will make him see it, even if it takes all I have.

With what he hoped was a confident gait, Doomshot walked towards Megatron and stood by his neck socket.

Here we go.

"You should tell him that any energon-transmitted diseases you catch vill automatically be passed to him while you're connected, blah," Mindwipe told Brisko.

To Sixshot, he said, "Indeed. Why defend lesser creatures that only want to hurt you? I'll never understand the Autobot mindset, blah."

Battlestation Ginrai

Hardhead would have crossed his arms over his chest if he'd been in robot mode, but his tone of voice would probably make his feelings pretty clear regardless. "Politics never change, sir," he told Sentinel Prime, "and Optimus has to answer to the same Senate that you did. Well, give or take a few people who got eaten by combiners before we retreated from Cybertron."

Very few of the Autobots' political class had been lost in the disaster, though, Hardhead knew. Most of them had been on the first ships to evacuate the world, securing their own safety ahead of the constituents they claimed to represent.

"I suspect his silence comes as a result of their meddling. Civilian oversight has never been anything but a bane to military planning."

Furos shrugged. "Having a Titan with the same personality as you can be quite useful. Hardhead and I usually don't even need to talk on the battlefield because we're thinking the same things."

In the Air

"See, see?" Aimless taunted Misfire. "He's got nothing for us! We should totally see if the dig site has any gaming apps that we don't already have."

Misfire sighed. "Come on, man. Can't you ever think of anything else? We're in this, like, totally apocalyptic end of the world scenario. Don't you at least want to look around?"

"Not really."

Another sigh.

"Got it, sir," he told Deathsaurus. "Just let us know when you need us."

They approached the dig site, with Misfire looking for a safe place to land while Aimless, as usual, did nothing.
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