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Decepticon Meeting

Astrotrain couldn't follow Deathsaurus' eyes, not with the sensors available to him in shuttle mode, and neither could he nod, which was annoying. "Megatron is made of sterner stuff. I- well, we have seen him recover from worse. Without sounding callous, I am here to ensure that our artifact recovery goes smoothly."

Astrotrain thought about what he felt about Doomshot repainting Megatron into a new colour scheme. It's not going to be something that Megatron would like, of course, but Astrotrain had listened to Doomshot's conversation with Darkmoon. It'd be a reasonable enough request that the smaller Decepticon would make of Megatron, yet...

He was hesitating. Was this a moment of weakness? Did Astrotrain choose poorly?

Darkmoon sauntered over to Astrotrain, and the triple changer's shuttle form transformed, merging with his smaller companion once more, Astrotrain stood tall in robot mode, finally giving Deathsaurus a nod.

He watched Doomshot. Was it too much to ask from the smaller Decepticon? Perhaps. But can the next leader of the Decepticon cause do any less?

Sixshot shrugged at Mindwipe. "They make good pets." He paused, then continued. "And, for someone in your profession, good experiment material, I am sure."

Battle Station Ginrai

"Optimus received the information shortly after we exited the transwarp tunnel, and the Senate did insist that the number of people who knew about the mission was to be kept to a minimum. We did not want to the Decepticons to catch wind of what we are searching for." Diac frowned. He looked at the people present around him. "But Senate or not, that should not have stopped us from keeping you informed, especially the moment the Decepticons attacked. And for that, I apologize."

He looked up to Sentinel Prime, and nodded. "Very well, sir."

He looked around, and took into stock the people there. Sentinel Prime, glowering under that faceplate. The newly-birthed Ginrai and the newly-inducted Nightbeat. Ever-faithful Hardhead and Furos. Perceptor, staring with such clinical detachment that one could mistake him for a statue. Chromedome, Stylor, Hot Rod, and Cerebros, all faithful soldiers to the Autobot cause. The newcomer Firebolt (who he really need to talk to after this).

"So, a day before we departed, our Intelligence Agency discovered that this dig site was the final location of a mighty battlestation, a relic from a bygone age. A Mega-Titan." Diac paused. "These Mega-Titans are some of the mightiest war machines to ever walk the surface of Cybertrons. Cybertronians as large a small town, actually able to transform into a robotic form... these Titans came from an age long forgotten by most of us." Diac looked up at Sentinel Prime."The Senate had told me that Sentinel Prime knew about the nature of these Mega-Titans, but we did not have the chance to confer before this mission."

"Preposterous." Perceptor scoffed. "A walking city? You might as well as say that we are looking for the Lost Continent of Cyberutopia. Have we forgotten the combiners so soon? The amount of power needed to move even a combiner is beyond that of a single Spark Core, let alone a walking city!"

Diac shot Perceptor a glare. "Fiction or not, these giant colossi would mean disaster should they fall into Decepticon hands. And considering that they have arrived back on Cybertron at the same time that we have, it cannot be a coincidence." Diac looked around. "Which is what should be our priority at this moment. Find it, secure it, and depart Cybertron before the Decepticons do."
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