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Battle Station Ginrai:

"That's part of the problem, Furos. Being of one mind works in combat. Not so much in detecting, computing the different angles, and trying to come up with all the different ways to secure whatever it is you're keeping secure. Another mind might notice something you missed simply because you didn't think of it. If the other mind is exactly like yours, it might miss it, too."


Hot Rod's canopy hissed open.

"We're looking for a what?" Firedrive was having a hard time wrapping his head around the concept.

"Mega-Titans are a myth. The legend was old even when I was young," Hot Rod's voice growled out of the vocoder in his dash.

"If the dig site is on top of this Mega-Titan, why not just go down there and get it? If we can get it operational again, maybe we can use it to escape."

"Because this might be really bad, Chromedome. We've got Decepticons mixed in with our troops." Stylor gave a weary sigh. "Besides, Perceptor is right. How would we power it?"

"That part, I might be able to help with," said Ginrai. "In this mode, I'm designed to generate Energon from any source I can. I'm taking radiation from the air, light, ground vibrations- anything. Mainly it's to be self sufficient in combat. But that could be diverted from my weapons systems if needed."
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