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Battle Station Ginrai

Diac looked at Hot Rod, and nodded. "That was what we thought, but the Senate made it clear that they had very reliable information that a Mega-Titan -- or at least a structure equivalent to one -- has been uncovered by the archaeological staff here. If there is the slightest chance that such a weapon of destruction should fall into Decepticon hands..." Diac paused, then turned to Nightbeat, and frowned. "I don't suppose you know anything about this, Nightbeat?"

Diac then turned to address Chromedome. "Escape is a matter of getting to a communications relay and calling the Ark back, but Stylor is right. We have the Decepticons, and we cannot allow them to obtain the weapon."

Perceptor nodded, and patted the barrel of the sniper rifle he's holding. "A powerful weapon. That sounds a lot more logical than what, should I be inclined towards using extravagant vernacular, I would describe as a walking fairytale city."

Diac looked to Ginrai and nodded. "That is partially the reason the Senate requested you to be deployed, Ginrai. As well as Perceptor and Convex, who I am confident are capable enough of engineering a way to power the Mega-Titan, should his skepticism be proven false."

Diac paused as he felt a tinge on the back of his mind. Cerebros was working on the mental bonds that connected him to Optimus Prime, and after their traumatic separation, Cerebros was re-connecting them. He felt the all-too-familiar mental pathways open one by one, and Diac could feel Optimus Prime's calm personality seep through. An actual link to his Titan partner would be necessary to actually connect their minds and sycnchronize what they know, but Diac took comfort in the fact that their leader was unharmed.
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