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Battle Station Ginrai:

Ginrai, deep within his processors, would have scowled if it was possible. There was a section he couldn't access. All his diagnostics could tell him was corrupted data. He decided to let Nightbeat know. True, his partner knew nothing about working on his computer systems, but he was bright enough. He might have some advice. Or get him the help he'd need to fix-

"No, Ginrai. I am your partner. Let me be."


"Yes, my friend. Or at least what's left of me. Just some random data stuck in your buffers. The next time you cycle the power to your combat systems I'll be gone."



"Then we'd be better served to just go down there and burn it's cortical centers out. Otherwise we're trading one set of headaches for a much larger set of headaches," Hot Rod growled in response.

"I hate to say it, Roddy, but you're wrong." Nightbeat scowled up at Sentinel. "Much like the combiner fiasco that forced us to leave Cybertron, I have to point something out. There's probably more than one of these damned things out there. If the Decepticons find one, we won't stand a chance. Not unless we have one of our own."
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