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TLK Hot Rod
Saw Dalek's pictures and thought I'd give this a go, despite my reservations that this looked very stiff and like a blown up Legends figure. It's nice to be surprised! There is something deeply unglamorous about buying an 'Asda Exclusive' though. Especially when the cheeky buggers are charging a few quid extra than the other 'Movie Premium' figures. He is nevertheless a super figure, and one of the nicer Movie figures of recent years. He's nicely (and properly) painted up, has a decent range of articulation and looks great. The only thing I can honestly say I don't like are the robot mode hands, which are horrible blocky lumps. The transformation is pretty clever, but he's a proper pain to tab together. Once you get there, the alt mode is very nice indeed and rolls really well - and looks fab too!

And I think that's enough Hot Rod. What is this, Hot Rod month at my house?
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