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Decepticon Sky-Convoy

"Shall I eliminate the swarm?" Sixshot asked Megatron, blissfully unaware of how even a warrior as powerful as him would eventually be overwhelmed and devoured by sheer numbers.

"Don't be a fool, Sixshot-sama. There is no honour to be gained in fighting a swarm of mindless beasts." Revolver muttered, out of commlink earshot. "Only death."

"But as you command." Sixshot replied to Megatron as their leader gave him an order. Sixshot would bank downwards, keeping pace with Megatron. When the altitude would be enough, wings would retract and Sixshot's nosecone would split apart, reconfiguring in a brief instant to form the massive artillery emplacement of Sixshot's tank mode.

Sixshot had two ground modes -- three if he counted his beast mode -- but he felt that if the Insecticon swarm did attack, he would choose the alternate mode which afforded him an easy way to shoot at multiple targets at once.

"Acknowledged, sir." Astrotrain replied to Megatron. Doomshot? Either? Both? Astrotrain hated this whole Titan Master nonsense. As if Decepticon politicking wasn't already convoluted enough as it is...

Those inside Astrotrain would feel a brief rattling and a slight shortening in terms of the floor and the height of the ceiling, but thanks to subspace technology Mindwipe, Necro and the others within Astrotrain's shuttle mode would not be terribly too inconvenienced by Astrotrain's transformation. Doubtless they would feel Astrotrain's sudden downwards bank, and the feeling of wheels on the ground, but otherwise it'd be relatively pleasant for those within Astrotrain.

Didn't stop Darkmoon from shouting "Prepare for touchdown!" loudly over the intercom. Silly little child.

As much as his train mode wasn't built to accommodate the strains of chugging through Cybertron's ruined rubble-strewn landscape, Astrotrain hated the thought of facing against an Insecticon swarm more. Another one of the Council -- and Megatron's -- plans gone awry. Mass-replicating psychotic maniacs with a frail leash and a brain that is driven by greed and gluttony? What were they thinking? Those among them that were intelligent were treacherous, and those that weren't were insects. If the combiners didn't destroy the world, Astrotrain did not doubt the Insecticons would have.

I swear, in another life these bugs would be the death of me.

Autobot Convoy

Perceptor, moving along slightly behind the conversation between Hardhead, Furos, Firedrive and Hot Rod, did not contribute. He disliked social interactions, and more importantly, he honestly did not think too much of something that is clearly not his station -- these sort of moral-checking is definitely one of Hardhead and Furos's competence, and not Perceptor.

Besides, any attempt at interjection from him would probably lead to threats of shooting people in the head, and Perceptor, as much as he is emotionless at this moment, knew enough social cues that this would lead to an escalation of the argument he had earlier with Hardhead and Furos.

Convex was quiet, sitting on his seat on Perceptor's alternate mode, silently reading papers on cases of abrupt integration between two unprepared Titan/Titanmaster partners, blissfully lost in the annals of scientific conclusions and hypotheses to pay attention to anything that went around them.

Ridiculous. Inefficient. Perceptor thought blithely. He should download the papers to his head, and sort things out there. Would take far less time.
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