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I absolutely see the difference! Quote #1 is what people tell themselves so they don't have to admit that they're actually behaving like Quote #2.

But honestly, for the price they're asking I just don't think that "I'm not sure it could be done better" is good enough. For a $250 MSRP we should be talking about one of the best Transformers ever, full stop, no reservations or hedging. Anything less than that (like, say, a one-mode wonder that people will actively avoid transforming into its Panelsaurus mode) should be unacceptable considering the price they're asking.

I understand the desire for a good Dinobot toy, because he's a great character who's never had a figure that was better than meh. And the MP is definitely better than either the original or the Universe toy. But buying this at anything close to MSRP will only send the message that mediocrity is good enough, even at this price tag.
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