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I always felt how Michael changes and is drawn in and corrupted by his position in the family was one of the greatest strengths of the first 2 Godfather films (less said about the 3rd the better).
Prior to the assassination of Sollozzo and Capt. McCluskey, Sonny questions Michael's motives, is he doing it just because he took a beating? Michael's reply is "it's just business". He is starting to realize that you can't stand aside in the violent world his family is part of.
By the time he returns from Sicily, Sonny has been assassinated. Michael has no choice but to step up; his father is still recovering, and his other brother, Fredo, is far too weak to head the family.
And yes the death of his wife surely played a part also.
It's one of those weird situations where I dismiss the obvious on the account of it being too obvious - even though it's actually correct.

His character developed just seemed too smooth I guess? I guess I'm used to them being a lot more complicated than this - even though I bet Godfather is the movie that started the whole "rise to power" story cliche and everybody else since then has just built on it.

Except, didn't Howard Hawks' Scarface also do that kind of story?

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