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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I honestly think that the difficulty in translating Dinobot's character design to a toy is overstated. His CGI model really isn't any more different from the original toy than a lot of his first-season counterparts. The Masterpiece even seems to basically transform the same as the original, save for the fake chest -- the dino legs become the robot arms, the robot legs tuck into the beast's torso and the entire rear third of the beast mode just gets set aside to turn into a giant "weapon" (which is the main reason why he doesn't look much like he turns into a raptor).
I was thinking about this again this morning, and I really disagree. The basic parts layout isn't the problem, but rather it's the proportions. The raptor body is supposed to be compact while the robot is big and bulky all over. Using the raptor legs as the robot arms is straightforward enough, but the problem comes from subtracting the mass that makes the robot legs from the dino torso while leaving enough left behind to make the robot torso look bulky. Granted that it's probably hollow (which is where the dino head goes), but still... the extra mass of the tail isn't used since that's separate and used as the weapon. And they didn't cheat by having a pile of stuff make up the robot's back. The 360 view shows that it's fairly accurate to the animation model all the way around.

I know the magazine scans show the rough progression of the transformation, but I can't tell from them whether it's something that's elegant with a lot of steps or a process that's a complete nightmare, but the results are on either end are astounding, panel lines be damned.

I just wish that the thing cost less. It's still too expensive.
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