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Autobot Convoy:

Nightbeat, seeing what Optimus was doing, shrugged and activated the dual laser cannons mounted on the sides of Ginrai’s trailer. The targeting crosshairs activated, popping up on Ginrai’s H.U.D. “We’ll be in the open area in a few seconds.”


Hot Rod grunted at Optimus’ warning. “Looks like we may get to test our new way of doing thing faster than I would have liked.” His canopy hissed open.

Maxx, more philosophical, shrugged. “We’ll be fine.” She moved past Firedrive and transformed, locking into place on Hot Rod’s turbocharger assembly.


“It ain’t a brainless drone. They should’ve just used th’ one outta mah old drone, not give me a new one. An’ hostile’s why Ah’m here.” The missile launcher whirred up into place on his roof, and he sped up, heading for Optimus.
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