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I bought a Roadbot! Rewatching Thew's Knock Off Beatdowns made me morbidly curious about these, and I lucked out on one off of ebay for 4.00 with shipping. It's the 1:18 scale Toyota Celica robot from their Robot Warriors line with lights and sound (both of which were so annoying I took the batteries out). The robot mode is pretty nice looking, there's some articulation, but it can't make much use of it, due to all the car parts getting in the way. The transformation isn't so far off Alternators Tracks, just with less elegance and some odd parts removal and reassembly (the bonnet, the door skirts). Getting the engine block and bonnet in place is a right rigmarole which sucks a lot of the fun out of the figure. The vehicle mode is rather nice, and the detail and finishing is good.
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