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Skies Above Crater

Astrotrain hovered just beneath the Insecticon Swarm, feeling the mental strain that Darkmoon has in keeping their invisibility cloak. That was part of the advantages of having a Titan Master partner -- the ability to delegate concentration between two minds. Darkmoon can fully focus his efforts in masking their presence -- both visually and from the crude sensors that the Insecticons had -- while Astrotrain would be able to deal with flying and abducting the Insecticon.

He swooped low, below the loud, all-encompassing buzzing that the Swarm emitted.

All he needed now was a straggler -- and in a swarm such as this, it was not hard to locate one. Several, in fact.

A group of four Insecticons, trailing below the gigantic cloud.

Primus' boots, the noise. Astrotrain thought to himself. Even without the threat of being devoured and torn limb to limb, the noise was enough to make a lesser soldier go mad.

"I'm punching it, Darkmoon. Get the bay door and a stun weapon ready." Astrotrain told his younger partner.

Without waiting for confirmation, Astrotrain shot towards the group of four Insecticons, still invisible, and when he was close enough, he transformed into his robot mode, grabbed one of the Insecticons in a hug, then transformed back into his jet mode.

All while still invisible.

As far as the other three Insecticons could perceive, one of their comrades simply vanished from sight.

Within Astrotrain's cargo bay, Darkmoon was ready with a pair of ionic displacer rifles. With a grunt, Darkmoon let loose a barrage of stun blasts and disabled the Insecticon. As the Insecticon fell numb and convulsing onto the floor of Astrotrain's cargo bay, an Inhibitor Claw slid out from one of the panels and clamped itself upon the Insecticon's back.

Darkmoon gritted his teeth, then sat back onto a seat. The combined efforts of having to move around and maintain the invisibility field was taxing on the smaller Decepticon, but Astrotrain honestly didn't care that much -- Darkmoon always whined about not having action, and it was good for him to deal with some.

Next up -- fishing time.

Autobot Convoy:

"Be ready for anything, Autobots." Optimus Prime said in response to Nightbeat's words, his own weapons independently tracking anything that moves as the Autobot Convoy finally emerged from the tunnel into the open space.

As Ironhide moved up closer to him, Optimus Prime felt a sense of... security, he supposed? He trusted all his Autobots equally. In theory, anyway -- as much as he attempted to embody the ideals of freedom and justice, Optimus Prime was still only a mortal being, after all, and mortals have stronger attachments to friends. "It is good to see you unharmed by the recent battles, Ironhide." Optimus Prime told his comrade.


Diac grunted as he sat straighter in the driver's seat. No time for headaches. Lock away the pain. Optimus Prime had been doing leader duty throughout their little ride, but in combat, both Titan and Headmaster needed to work together. He was a soldier first and foremost.

Diac's optics blazed a bright blue as he plugged in his fingers into the consoles on Optimus' dashboard, taking command of the weapon systems of their shared body.

Perceptor nearly shot Doublecross in reflex as the two-headed dragon emerged. "More firepower. Excellent." Perceptor said, transforming into his robot mode as they approached the end of the tunnel. "I would like to acquire a belt of grenades, if you would please -- we are expecting conflict, are we not?"

He paused, and shrugged. "I suppose the lack of standardization amongst the forces of the Autobot war-machine is simply due to the lack of a singular, all-encompassing weapons factory to provide for all our troops, and thus we had to outsource so many of our weapons to third-party factories. "
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