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Autobot Convoy

Double chatted to Perceptor as Cross twisted his head back into the transport. His sinuous neck flexing.

""Ssssome sissssmple ssssssstandardissssation would sssssimplify thingsssss sssssomewhat."

Double tapped on a computer pad one handed .

"Yessss we could face an ambusssh at any time . "

The pad' s screen flashed.

" Think we have sssssome nice grenadesssss . Fragmentation grenadesss, a little old but diecasssst conssssstruction . It's a losssssst art you know. I think I can alsssso sssssssupply sssssssome flassssssh bangssssss. Very good for ssssssstunning and ssssssubduing."

Cross' head reappeared a couple of belts of grenades in his jaws.

Above the Crater

As Astrotrain manoeuvred a tablet slipped of a table located just behind the cockpit and transformed into a white Jaguar.

Grit stood up unsteadily.

"Ow, ow where am I , what's going on ."

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