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Insecticon Hive

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" Aimless vaulted into the cockpit with a plasteel container filled with purple nectar under one arm and dozens of glowing-red sting marks all over his body. "This is the last time I let you convince me to do something!"

"Oh, shut up," Misfire told Aimless. The pink jet rocketed off before his parther had even finished dogging the hatch shut. "If you'd done like I asked, you'd only have been stung, like, three or four times. And besides, if you'd said no Megatron would have, like, squashed you or something."

"Oh, you can bet I'll have some words for our dear leader when we get back!"

"Please don't. I like having a head."


"As much as I hate to say this," Vorath told Monzo, "it might be best to trust Weirdwolf to dole out the medication. The connection you share means that he can feel your pain, but he'll be less-influenced by the symptoms of withdrawal that these sorts of drugs can bring. Considering that we're talking about experimental blends that I've invented on the spot, and that eventually I'm going to run out of ideas, you want to stretch out the period before you become immune for as long as you can."

Mindwipe scoffed. "Bah, a mere band-aid solution!" He glanced over at Weirdwolf and said, "The problem is not physical. I bewiewe Monzo has had joint replacements, nerwous line replacements, nano-therapy...ewerything that our doctors could do to fix a physical problem? So the only possible cause is up here."

He tapped one claw to the side of his head.

"What Mindwipe is getting at," Vorath sighed, "is that he thinks he can magically hypnotize the pain away."

Mindwipe corrected him with a long-suffering sigh. "If the problem is in his brain module, then the solution is there too. I'we seen his charts through your eyes, Worath. I understand almost as vell as you do. The only vay that he could still be suffering after all the verk he's had done is if the pain receptors in his brain module are burnt out. His brain is so used to the pain that it continues to feel it ewen vhen it is no longer there. And since cutting apart his brain is no solution...vhy not try conwincing it to ignore the problem instead?"

"Aside from the fact that you could very well make it impossible for him to feel any pain?" Vorath shook his head. "Monzo isn't some Autobot prisoner. He's one of our own, and we care about whether or not he survives. The risk of serious side-effects from your occult fantasy is too great."

"Vith all due respect," Mindwipe said in an angry hiss, "that ees not your decision to make."

Autobot Convoy

"I'm sure Maxx told you this," Furos reminded Ironhide, "but you can't just swap the computer from one machine into another. The operating systems wouldn't be at all similar, and unlike you or I, they don't have the ability to get used to a new body."

Hardhead's turret tracked from side to side as they continued to drive. He chuckled as he heard Doublecross in the distance, complaining about the bizarre collection of weapons that the different Autobots carried. Of course, the supply officer was right -- if they'd built up the Autobot army from scratch, they would have by necessity standardized their equipment -- one calibre of bullet for the standard projectile arms, one type of power cell for every energy weapon, the same type of ion cartridges for every particle beam, the same energon grade for every energo-sword...but of course, that wasn't the case. Half the Autobot army's equipment came from an assortment of dozens of nation-states' separate armies, each of which had their own unique standards. Another huge chunk had come from the Senate guards, and yet more from the pan-Cybertronian expeditionary forces that had established and defended off-world colonies. And then on top of that, private citizens who'd brought their own gear. In a perfect world they would have all been issued the same gear, but the world was far from perfect and there was always something better to spend the Autobots' limited manufacturing resources on.

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