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Monzo shuffled from foot to foot , his hands fidgeting .

"You want Weirdwolf to r-r-ration the painkillers. I don't know, I mean ,I'm s'ure it's a good idea but I think I need more pain killers as know just in case , don't want to run out ."

Monzo looked at Mindwipe

"H-h-hypnotherapy, I'm sure it might work, but I think I probably need more drugs , just in case , as a back up, definitely you know can't be too careful ."

He looked cunning .

"I have had many procedures , the Doctor's have tried a lot of different solutions and nothing has worked , so I think you should definitely make more drugs and give them to Weirdwolf...."

Weirdwolf leaned in and grabbed Monzo in his jaws and deposited him in front of Mindwipe

"Try it we will, an addict become he has . Procedure carefully watch will I."
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