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The first issue of MTMTE was January 2012 so it is 6 years old come the new year.

Interesting to read about it only being three deaths for this issue. I assume than that the proctobots survived being gunned to pieces. I suppose that's fair enough as we've seen (and been misled) by similar with Cyclonus. In both cases though we are looking at really misleading art. It really looks like they are being slaughtered.

The control Getaway has is also a curious issue. He seems to be, em, getting away with a load of really nasty stuff. And regardless of whether you prefer subtle Getaway or Maniac Getaway, its been a drastic change, but he seems to have huge control over the ship. This got me to thinking that it can't just be a combination of the nudge gun and some people who haven't been fully filled in. So is it possible that Froid and Sunder are much more involved and possibly in control than what even Getaway knows? There's the small issue with them gaining 4 minutes of time when they exit the warren and it made me think that is it possible that Getaway is in his own personal loop and in the real world Sunder is feasting on the whole crew? Getaway himself would be such a feast for the psycho.

Another thing is the discovery of Cyberutopia seemed a bit too easy. Given Tyrest knew of the Warrens and was looking for Cyberutopia, surely he would have found it already unless this is all part of a head f**k on Getaway courtesy of Foid.
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