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The sexism is just bizarre, isn't it? It kind of washed over me, if I'm honest, but I'm sure on repeat viewings, it'll be incredibly jarring -especially when the First Doctor was just going around being "old and important" more than anything else.

I'm surprised to hear Moffat's been accused of sexism in Who and Sherlock (the latter, I admit, I don't watch). But I'm puzzled by this. At least judging by his body of Who work (and stuff like Coupling, Press Gang and Jekyll), there's nothing overt or obvious to suggest this. Maybe some of the stuff with Amy Pond (which seemed to me not to be taken seriously, and that that character's confidence with her sexuality meant it never felt crass or vulgar and was part of who she was), but other than that? Am I missing something, some subtext or something? Or is this the usual tiresome grind of social media and the influence that brings to bear on bloody everything these days? And that we're rapidly entering an age where you can't say anything without someone being offended, or worse, taking offence on behalf of others ... like that woman who now thinks Sleeping Beauty and all fairy tales should be banned on account of them featuring (in Sleeping Beauty's case) non-consensual kissing , irrespective of the context of the story and why that's happening.
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