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I think the problem is Moff is, like pretty much every writer, a guy with a certain set of stock character types he either falls back on or thinks he's especially good at which is fine in isolation but over eight years of running the show becomes a bit overwhelming. And his fondness for crazy psycho women (River and that character from Time of the Doctor being exactly the same character. I gather Irene Addler and Sherlock's sister were little different in their own show) really annoys a lot of folk unintentionally.

Of course, things like that really odd Radio Times interview (which, to be fair, he disowns in the podcast I'm about to link to, but he talks about the headline being inaccurate when I have to say I read the full thing and he came across terribly) when he talks about how he couldn't have cast a female Doctor because it would have been "pandering" (because women and mninorities are only ever "Pandering", right?) and he couldn't have followed the love machine Tenth Doctor with a girl anyway didn't help.

Still, here's a really interview with Moff that was recorded right before the Special was broadcast, where he's just so tired and is very defensive against all the nasty lefty bullies who go after him. And of course there have been dicks on the left going after him, but so have all the dicks on the right, so focusing particularly on that is very interesting.

And of course, any bullying he has undergone for writing the odd bad script is as nothing compared to (to use a "Look at the crazy left fighting the wrong battle!" example in the show) the "Barbara" jokes trans people had to put up with in the '90's thanks to the League of Gentlemen.
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