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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
(because women and mninorities are only ever "Pandering", right?)
It is when it's done badly. And it usually is when it's done by people who don't actually believe in the message they're trying to send, whether it's because they don't really care or know about this stuff but they're forced into paying them lip service by their superiors, or they're just doing it out of some misguided attempt at helping.

And it really isn't helping when you're suddenly changing the gender of a previously established character, one with a history spanning several decades at that. It just strikes me as a desperate attempt to try and look progressive, something which the new series already has a pretty lousy history with. Rather than working that stuff smoothly into the stories, it's often just "oh and I'm a <sexual minority> by the way" and that's it, like it's some kind of a gag in itself (and it has been).

And that's what worries me about future episodes; rather than pretty much completely ignoring the change and just treating her as just The Doctor, they treat her as The Female Doctor. And then make lame gags about it.
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