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Oh, absolutely, white male shouldn't be the default. Maybe it's just Who's profile and the hoo-ha surrounding it that's made me feel this way. It just doesn't feel that it's happened organically through the show - despite what it has done to try and promote the idea. Like anything else, diversity is great, so long as you're promoting it on merit and not just to fill a quota.

As for the transgender thing, I do understand why people are upset's just have people seen what that character is about? Someone so enthusiastic about their gender-reassignment that they describe what will happen in graphic and painstaking detail. Then, in the revival shows, the whole 'militant liberal' angle of not wanting to use gender pronouns and so on - those are genuine things to poke fun at. It's clear that people haven't been able to divorce it from it seeming like the character is being held up as being what transgender though. I don't know, maybe I'm just not inclined to take things at face value so have a hard time understanding why everyone else gets so upset. Either way, let's hope there's not a Little Britain revival anytime soon or the internet will explode.

I don't mind the take down everything attitude, but it doesn't seem terribly productive - it's smarter in my mind to understand how things work and how we can make those things work better for people today. Nowadays, it just seems like everything is wrong and to be instantly mistrusted and so it must be gotten rid of.

It's interesting to read a lot of comment threads on newspaper sites and see how little time people now have to understand either each other or the mechanics of the world and are just looking for a quick fix for everything. This kind of thing seems only to be leading to-and encouraging- a race to the bottom, where everything is entitled and nothing is valued and no one accepts any personal responsibility.

I'm extremely interested to see how society develops as people who've grown up with social media age and enter into industry and politics and how this will change things. I hope it will lead to some genuinely positive things, and less of the corner cutting we see at the moment (Fracking , for example, looks set to become a genuine enivronmental disaster in the UK given what's happened in Blackpool recently, thanks to no regulation in order to kick-start the next big energy gold rush).
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