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Autobot Convoy:

The advantage, though he was loathe to admit it, to Ironhide's downsizing was that he was now small enough to be able to weave through smaller spaces. He squeezed between Optimus and Ginrai, taking point as they roared into the open space. His targeting sensors locked onto the mass of moving forms at the other end of the vast chamber. "Aw, slag....."

As one, the hulking Centurion drones turned to face the oncoming Autobots. They started towards the Autobots, razor sharp pincers clacking as they broke into a run.

Ginrai's dual laser cannons pivoted and locked on, firing blazing beams of incandescent destructive energy, blasting against the front line of Centurions.... Which didn't slow them down any.

The missile launcher retracted into Ironhide's roof, replaced by the Particle Projection Cannon. It fired, sending a crackling beam of lightning at one of the Centurions. It staggered a little.


Hot Rod and Chromedome roared out from behind Optimus and Ginrai, Maxx pivoting on her mount atop Hot Rod's turbocharger to track the Centurions. "What are they?"

"Centurion drones. They're guard units, practically indestructible, " Hot Rod replied.

Firedrive groaned. "Can't we go up against something that isn't going to try to destroy us?"

Chromedome, roaring along next to Hot Rod, chuckled. "Come on, it's a challenge!"

Skies approaching Crater the Decepticons are approaching:

He thundered through the air, occasionally picking up the drones that he'd deployed, the Bat drone fluttering up and locking onto him last.

Liokaiser's optics blazed as he flew, for once in full agreement with the six minds buried in his subconscious.
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