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Vorath let out a deeply frustrated sigh. "Is this really the time, you two?" he asked Weirdwolf and Mindwipe. "We are, after all, in the middle of a hostile location surrounded by dangerous animals."

"Ve do not appear to be under fire," Mindwipe shrugged. "This vill be quivk, anyvay."

"Whatever." Vorath shook his head in annoyance. "You three do what you want. But Monzo, you need to lab and all my equipment were on the ship. I don't have what I'd need to synthesize any new drug cocktails at the moment, and we don't know when we'll be back. So if you run out, you'll be going through withdrawal without any medical help. And that's going to be the case whether or not Mindwipe's laughable magic powers can help alleviate the pain that started you using these treatments in the first place."

"My powers are far from laughable, Worath, as you vell know. You have seen them in action often enough. But werry vell." He looked over at Monzo and said, "If you vish to proceed, then looook into my eyes..." As an afterthought he said, "Weirdwold, you may vant to avert yours."

Autobot Convoy

As the Centurion Drones put in an appearance, Furos wondered if they were going to see an example of every single one of the various factions' increasingly foolish attempted superweapons before the day was done. These ones, at least, were fairly tame when compared to what had followed: merely extremely large, heavily armed and ridiculously well armoured, rather than outright mad science fodder.

Of course, the smaller, faster Autobots charged to the front instead of letting their more durable comrades crash the enemy line first and take the brunt of their assaults. Always looking for adventure or trying to prove themselves, it would seem. In spite of their drifting opinions, one thing that Furos and Hardhead always agreed on was that the Autobots needed to be more disciplined in battle. But what could someone like him do to affect that sort of change when Optimus Prime himself loved to charge in half-cocked, screaming oaths and battle cries while he theatrically carved Decepticons up? It was hard to lead by example when the big leader was the biggest showboat of them all.

With a sigh, he started firing his shatterblaster at the nearest Centurions' optic sensors, trying to at least distract and dismay them. Without asking, he knew that Hardhead was already flipping through the list of various different shells that they were carrying to find something that he could safely fire over their comrades' heads.

As if he was reading Furos's mind, Hardhead grumbled, "Surely this would have been easier if they'd let me lob in a tactical nuke or two first?"

"I know, I know..."

(OOC: Are we in a bigger chamber underground now, or out in the open? It'll make a big difference in what weapons Hardhead is able to use without accidentally killing everyone.)
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