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Not an Aussie, but I do remember people saying that by the strict letter of the law, MP Megatron is considered a replica firearm and you need a firearms license to own one in some states, orange cap or no.

One Australian site has this to say:

Before purchasing this item it is the customer’s responsibility to contact their relevant authorities to ensure that the possession of this item is legal in their state.

Premium Collectables will not accept any claim or responsibility in the event of consequential action by any law enforcement agency against organizations or individuals that have purchased this product without prior investigation as to its legality in the relevant state.

As State laws change regularly, it is impossible for us to give exact information regarding the legal status of items in every State of Australia. As such, we strongly suggest that you contact your local State Police Department and ask them for specific information regarding the ownership of the item you purchase.
And BBTS says:

Please Note: The Australian Government & Australian Customs may seize this item, please order with caution if you live in Australia.
That quote is referring to the version with the orange cap added, too, so I'm not sure that's a solution to the problem.

I would guess that if you import Megatron and customs open up your package to inspect the contents, they'll probably seize it. I have no idea what percentage of packages get opened, though.

Maybe try to buy him locally or in person first? You'd probably end up paying a little more, but you won't need to worry about the government stealing your toy either.
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