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Autobot Convoy

Ironhide.” Optimus Prime greeted his old friend. He truly preferred to say more – but he knew that this wasn’t the place or time. Not when they are about to battle a literal army of Centurion drones. He allowed Ironhide to take point, and Optimus Prime joined Ginrai in having his own ion cannons target the Centurion drone that was staggered by Ironhide’s blast. “Autobots! Fire at will!”

Optimus Prime then transformed into robot mode, Diac locking into Optimus Prime’s head, and the Autobot leader pulled out his energon sword with his right hand, while the ion cannon slid into Optimus Prime’s left hand. Optimus took a couple of steps forwards, and with a roar as his faceplate slid shut, Optimus swung the energon blade towards the nearest Centurion drone, hoping to dissect it clean in half, more intent on judging just how well-maintained these Centurion drones really are.

At least, that was what the part of him/them that was Optimus Prime was meaning to do. The part of him/them that was Diac just wanted to vent out his headaches and frustration.

“Standardization would be optimal, indeed. It is testament to our chaotic organization that we are still even operational as a standing army at all. In fact, I-” Perceptor stopped his conversation with Doublecross, as he focused his mind towards the incoming threat. His monocle began targeting the moving figures in the suddenly large space, and then glanced towards Doublecross. “I believe our discussion upon ammunition must wait until we have dealt with this threat. If you will, you can disable their visual sensors with the flashbangs, and while they are disoriented, I will take them out.”

That said, Perceptor dropped on one knee, and pulled his sniper rifle up. While it would be child’s play to take down multiple Centurion drones for a sniper of his caliber, Perceptor instead moved his sniper rifle, using the combined magnification of his monocle and his sniper scope to find any sort of ‘master’ Centurion or control panel that would be controlling these automated drones. It is a far shot, but at the same time if Perceptor took the brief time to locate any master control pad, it would be a risk worth taking to sacrifice the few seconds needed to scan the room.

Cerebros hopped off Ginrai’s trailer, and lifted his sidearm and opened fire.

These aren’t alive. These aren’t alive, and it’s okay to fire at them. They’re not living, they don’t have souls, they aren’t alive, shooting them is self-defense and it’s okay, Primus won’t see it as a sin, they’re not alive, it’s okay

The shot that Cerebros pumped out went wide, not even hitting a single Centurion drone before the laser blast dissipated into the air.

Above the Crater

“Unicron’s beard!” Darkmoon cursed in surprise when Grit transformed from a tiny little tablet. “Grit? What… what are you doing here?” Darkmoon asked the senior medic, a baffled expression on his face. “You’re inside Astrotrain, and we’re-”

“We are descending upon the Sharkticon horde.” Astrotrain cut Darkmoon off sternly. “Long story short… Megatron has ordered us to capture a Sharkticon and an Insecticon – don’t touch the stunned specimen, please. Darkmoon, engage stealth sensors. Grit… hang on.”

Astrotrain rippled and disappeared from visual sight, and swooped down towards a Sharkticon with a bum leg that lagged behind the herd. Unseen, Astrotrain transformed into his train mode, the moving panels swallowing up the surprised, yelping Sharkticon, before transforming back into his shuttle mode. The entire process took less than ten seconds.

It took another two seconds for Darkmoon – well accustomed to Astrotrain’s transformation speed, launched a stun blast at the Sharkticon, and the same restrains clamped down on the dazed beast’s limbs.

Darkmoon looked at Grit, and grinned as Astrotrain course corrected and headed towards the main Decepticon group. “A bit of an unconventional mission this time around, doc.”


Sixshot, standing a distance away from Weirdwolf and Mindwipe, paid some attention to the quasi-paranormal hypnotism going on, frowning silently and mulling about the process. Subconsciously, the part of Sixshot that was Revolver was ordered to survey the skies for Misfire and Astrotrain’s return… and whatever other threats that may arrive.
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