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Underground Chamber:

The staggered Centurion lurched as Optimus' ion bolts slammed into it, breaking it out of lock-step with it's brethren. But it still kept coming.

Ironhide skidded to a stop and transformed, his battle deck deploying, missiles and particle cannon streams flying at the drones as he stood, a gun in each hand, firing at the advancing drones. "Just lahke ol' tahmes, ain't it Optimus."


Ginrai transformed to robot mode, Nightbeat locking into place, the armored helm slamming down over Nightbeat. Ginrai raised both ion rifles and opened fire on the Centurion drones.


Chromedome transformed to robot mode, Stylor locking into place on his shoulders. He narrowed his optic band. The drones clearly had them outnumbered. But they weren't pressing the attack, just walking forward with an almost remorseless stride. He could just make out some kind of massive door on the other side of the massed drones.

Maybe that's what we're looking for?

Could be, Stylor, could be. Only one way to find out.

Oh, scrap, we're not-

Chromedome charged towards the drones, blazing away with his carbines.


Hot Rod slid to a stop, engine rumbling, as Maxx opened fire, the twin beams of her photonic eliminator cannon mode slamming into a Centurion and knocking it down. The recoil of the blast pushed the sleek vehicle back a few feet.

Maxx chuckled. "I thought you said these....things....." Her voice trailed off as the Centurion got up, it's torso armor scored from the twin beams, but little else.

Firedrive's optics widened behind his visor. "We're in trouble, aren't we."

(O.O.C.: The chamber is pretty big. There's more than enough headroom for Ginrai, and plenty of room to manouver.)
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