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Weirdwolf shifted his gaze scanning the surroundings before settling on Vorath

Monzo shuffled from one foot to another .

"I don't think I have any choice the pain , is just too much. Whenever you are ready Mindwipe"

Autobot Convoy

Doublecross eased the pin from a couple of flashbangs before hurling them towards the threat.

He called into the transports interior.

"Haywire , time to get on your roof mount , We've incoming , remeber that time on SSSSiriussss , like then but with lessssss rabid Turbofoxesss."

Haywire grumbled .

"I was just about to get to level 42." He pressed save and hurrying up a ladder in the cab's interior he hopped on a roof mounted pintel and transformed.

He opened fire on the incoming Drones

Above the Crater

Grit engaged electromasgnetic clamps to keep himself stable

"After so many millions of years of fighting there is little that is truly unconventional but I think this qualifies."

Acting on instinct Grit started forward

"it is injured I must tend to it's wounds ."

Various instruments whirred out of Grit's saddlebags
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