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"Clear your mind, blah, and listen wery carefully to the sound of my woice." Mindwipe addressed Monzo. "You feel yourself growing veary. Do not fight eet."

Vorath let out another frustrated sigh and jumped down from his partner's shoulder, wandering off towards Weirdwolf. "Bunk or not, I do hope that it works," he told the lupine Decepticon.

Mindwipe continued. "The sensation, it is alien," he said. "You vill vant to push back. Do not. Open your thoughts. Calm yourself as vell as you can."

His eyes narrowed. Vorath would have said that he was sending hypno-beams or psycho-waves or somesuch out at Monzo, though Mindwipe cared not for the details. All he knew is that he felt his mind reaching out for the small Titan Master, ready to shape the putty of the other Decepticon's his request, for once.

Megatron nodded with satisfaction as he saw Astrotrain disappear, followed shortly by a mind-boggling ripple that seemed to eat up one of the many Sharkticons in the pit below.

Ah, perhaps he is up to the task he has set for himself after all...

Moments later, he saw Misfire rocket in, not slowing down as he would if he'd planned to make a landing. Indeed, as he crossed close to the Decepticon leader he upended, opened his cockpit hatch and dumped Aimless on the ground.

Is he finally starting to figure out what is holding him back? Megatron smiled slightly. He'd known for a long time that Misfire's friendship with his utterly useless Titan Master was hampering the other Decepticon's effectiveness, but how do you explain that to someone when his eyes and ears are literally what's holding him back?

"Sorry boss," Misfire said as he started to circle. "Aimless here got stung, and, uh...he didn't want to wait for me to slow down. Apparently the air in my cabin is too, uh...humid? Or something."

"Ahh! Ahh!" Aimless clawed at the Insecticon bites that ran across his chest, seemingly ignorant of the Decepticon leader looming above him. That is, until Megatron spoke.

"Do you have my nectar?"

"AHHH!" Aimless practically took to the skies himself, he jumped so badly when he heard Megatron's voice. "I, uh, yes. Sir. Right here." The Titan Master rifled through his internal compartments for a second, then held out a vial filled with a gooey purple substance. He handed it to Megatron, then went right back to whining and moaning.

"Oh, be quiet or I'll have Mindwipe hypnotize you into thinking you're a turbofox."

"Ow! I mean, yes sir! Please don't hurt me."

Underground Chamber

"Depleted uranium shells," Hardhead finally announced.

Furos frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Concussion shells and sonic shells would have too great a chance of collapsing the chamber."

"I agree with that," Furos said, "but won't kinetic impactors also pose a risk?"

"A manageable one," Hardhead grumbled.

"But why not use ion shells? We could disable the drones in a single hit."

"Because I said so." Hardhead stopped talking and started shooting, aiming a volley of three depleted uranium slugs at the nearest Centurion's knee joints.
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