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Walmart had some blind box vinyl figure on clearance, so I grabbed all they had of the two franchises I was interested in.

Attack on Titan (6 boxes) - I lucked out, here. I got 1 each of Eren, Mikasa, Reiner, and Annie. My only duplicate was 2 Levis. Going by the side of the box, all I missed were flocked Levi (whatever that means), and janitor versions of Eren and Levi that I don't care about.

One of my Levis came with a Female Titan head. I got all the regular figures I want from this wave, so I can't justify trying to track down more in hooes of getting the matching body. Anybody got a Female Titan body they want to trade for a Levi? Or sell?

Master of the Universe (5 boxes) - I wasn't so lucky, here. I was mainly hoping for Tri-klops, and would've liked Trap Jaw and Skeletor. Instead, I got 2 Beast Man, 1 He-Man, 1 Teela, and 1 Evil-lynn. I have a larger Beast Man from a Happy Meal 10 years ago; I may make these new ones his minions.

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