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Underground Chamber:

The Centurion drone staggered as Hardhead’s shells slammed into it’s knees. Other than developing a limp, it was largely unaffected.

Chromedome’s blasts slammed into a couple of drones, doing little more than leaving scorings of carbon and soot. As he reached them, he leapt, diving over the line of drones and rolling to land behind them.

Ginrai strode forward, both of his ion rifles and the dual shoulder cannons kept up their punishing fire, pushing a couple of drones back.

One of the drones reached Ironhide, swinging a savage claw, knocking the old Autobot back, flinging him towards Optimus.

Firedrive just watched the unfolding chaos. “So what do we do?”

Hot Rod’s response was short and to the point. “Fight them. Stop them.”

Maxx transformed, standing on Hot Rod’s hood. “How?. We just hit one of them with a blast powerful enough to push us back, and it barely reacted to it!”

“Because we can.” Hot Rod transformed, Maxx backflipping off of his hood and landing on the ground as Firedrive transformed and locked into position on Hot Rod’s shoulders, a savage, almost feral grin on his face. Maxx leapt again, transforming into gun mode, the grip slapping into Hot Rod’s open hand.


With a powerful booming roar of engines, Liokaiser soared towards the crater.
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