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The local Wal-Mart finally got some more POTP figures in, which means if I'd waited a week I wouldn't have had to make a 3 hour round trip to get Optimus, but there you go. And for the second time of seeing him in person, I still don't want to get Rodimus. He just doesn't feel very dynamic. Maybe it's just me. I did wind up getting......

POTP Slash - Slash wound up being a bit of a test run, really. I wanted to see how my FoC Grimlock fit in with the POTP colorscheme, and it seems to work pretty well. Still, a female Dinobot..... It's a good design, and now I'm planning on getting the rest of the Dinobots.

As a professional tanuki (I'm a Japanese mythological animal, and a good luck charm), I have an alarm clock built into me somewhere. I also look like a stuffed animal. And you thought your life was tough......

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