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Underground Chamber

"Indeed. We haven't fought these model of Centurions since... since the earliest days of the war."

Has it been that long? Optimus Prime thought to himself. The Autobot leader aimed his ion cannon and fired another couple of shots at the Centurion that he fired at. They seem strangely well-maintained for such old machinery.

As Ironhide was knocked backwards, Optimus Prime retracted his sword and reached out, hoping to slow his friend's fall. "These seem unstoppable. Any ideas?" Optimus Prime took aim at the Centurion and opened fire again, hoping to hit the drone in its head. "Beyond shooting them sevreal dozen more times, that is."

Perceptor watched as Doublecross lobbed a bunch of flashbangs, watching if they affected the Centurions. "Less rabid, perhaps, my two-headed comrade... but far, far harder to bring down." Perceptor said. "Say, do you by any chance have some sort of electro-magnetic pulse grenades? It's worth a shot if these Centurions are automated and working off of some sort of centralized control signal."

Perceptor took aim at the knee joint of the Centurion that Hardhead had abused, and fired a blast from his sniper rifle, hoping to shatter the joint and permanently cripple it.

Above the Crater

Darkmoon raised an eyebrow at Grit's insistence of healing the Sharkticon, but ended up shrugging it off. After all, whatever Megatron would want these things for, he'll probably want them in mint condition. "Just watch your hands, doc. I'll keep it sedated."

Darkmoon's not a surgeon like Grit, but he knew enough to help in these sort of matters. As he walked towards the slightly stunned Sharkticon, Darkmoon pulled out an syringe and stabbed the Sharkticon on the side, sending a stream of anesthetics into the Sharkticon's energon stream.

Astrotrain, for his part, rippled back to visual sight as he neared the Decepticon army. "Lord Megatron. I have acquired what you requested. The Insecticon and Sharkticon remain sedated within my cargo bay."

The Triple-changer landed next to the Decepticon leader, and opened his cargo bay, showing the two lesser creatures magno-clamped onto the cargo bay floor, with Darkmoon and presumably Grit working on fixing the Sharkticon's injuries.

Sixshot took at look at Aimless's unprofessional behaviour and let out a disgusted harrumph, before turning back to watch Mindwipe's hypnotism of Monzo, clearly interested at the mystic's purported abilities of 'fixing' the smaller Decepticon's addiction. However, the arrival of Liokaiser got him perked up immediately.

"Combiner!" Sixshot announced, pulling out his two hypersonic cannons and taking aim, but not firing, waiting for Megatron to give the order.
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