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Platinum Edition Battle Of Junk Clash
Snapped this up because I sold my RTS Wreck Gar a while back and have recently re-watched the Animated movie so had Junkions on the brain. It's a really nice set, for is basically money for old rope. You get Wreck Gar and Scrap Heap (the latter was difficult, if not impossible to find at UK retail) plus the 94th outing for the Classics Hot Rod toy (which I still really, really like), in a nice box with some great artwork on (even if this didn't actually happen in the film). The older moulds still stand up well, although Hot Road does seem quite dated even next to Wreck Gar / Scrap Heap. The paint applications and finish are just superb. I don't think I've seen a prettier version of Hot Rod, he just looks glorious, with a nice metallic cherry red 'stripe' that runs over the flame decaled hood and roof. The robot mode has some nice silver shins and some bright yellow plastics and it's just a lovely looking thing. The two Junkions also look excellent. On the face it, there's very little that's been changed from the original releases, just a more uniform paintjob for the two Junkions - Wreck Gar has some nice bronze pain on his forearms, whilst Scrap Heap's are yellow. Hasbro have also remembered that the Junkions aren't Autobots or Decepticons, so they've taken off the silly faction logos which is nice. They have some nice yellow flame decals and look great er, riding each other and the inventive transformation still impresses after all these years. Great stuff and more fun than I was expecting from a bunch of (impressive) repaints. This also seems to be one of the cheaper Platinum sets out there. Much like the Conehead and Triple Changer reissues, you can find this for around 30 online. Bargain.

RID Deployers Overload & Backtrack
I bought Overload simply because he looks ace, and was cheap enough and enjoyed the other Deployer I bought. Sadly, Overload isn't as much fun. His robot mode is hollow and static. lacking any articulation, despite how great it looks. It's puzzling, because whilst some compromises are necessary for the Deployer gimmick, I can't fathom why they'd need to scoop out the entirety of the robot to house it. That aside, the transformation is decent, if very much on the Legends side of things and the launching gimmick works well. Backtrack is a cute and devilish looking fellow and I like him very much. It's probably not that surprising to see that the Deployers have ended up cluttering up the shelves at B&M. They're not the greatest.

TLK Legends Dragonstorm
Another B&M find, this super cute and really well painted version of the three-headed dragon is fantastic. The sculpted detail and transformation are great and the paint apps in robot mode are excellent. Easily the best Movie Legends figure.

TR Roadburn
Finally managed to find one of these! It's not the greatest Legends toy, but as a fan of the Throttlebots, I'll take him. I'm hoping some of the others will pop up down the line. Wouldn't take much to turn this mould into Searchlight and TR Brawn into Rollbar, a new head and metallic paint would easily get you a Goldbug out of this mould too, which would just leave Freeway and Wideload. The robot mode is a little awkward looking and the alt mode looks like one of those weird big Minis - a small car that looks like it's been enlarged on a photocopier.
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